Steam Train Experience

All aboard our historic steam train to Waiuku!



A distant whistle will herald the imminent arrival of the steam train, which always provokes great excitement among the children. The excitement will build as the train glides to a stop at the platform and is prepared for the next departure...


­📢 Service Announcement

We are currently closed for winter maintenance on our Steam Engines, Carriages, Track, and Buildings.
We will re-open on Labour Weekend (26, 27, and 28 October 2024).

Online Bookings will open in August 2024.


At the station

You'll arrive at our car park off Glenbrook Station Road, entering through the white wooden gates (accessible parking is available behind our station building off Farm Park Road). You'll cross the tracks of the Mission Bush Mainline and step back in time as you enter the Glenbrook Station precinct. To your left is our playground and picnic area shaded with mature trees with a lovely view of the steam train as it arrives. Walking along the gravel path to the right, you'll cross the tracks by our original railway Signal Box. To the right is our restored Water Tank and Railway House, you can also walk down to our Locomotive Turntable to watch the steam engine be turned - such displays will be announced over the loud speaker. To the left is the Glenbrook Station Platform and Buildings.

Walk up the platform and under the station veranda is our Refreshment Rooms (Cafe), Souvenir Shop, and Ticket Office decorated with vintage artifacts and displays. At the Ticket Office you can purchase or redeem your online booking for an old-style cardboard souvenir ticket. You will also be issued a Souvenir Information leaflet with our timetable and some information about the journey. A full history of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and our collections of Locomotives and Carriages are provided in our Guidebook which can be purchased from the Souvenir Shop. Also available are a selection of souvenir items, toys (including the popular Thomas the Tank Engine range), apparel, and railway books and magazines. Our Refreshment Rooms styled Cafe sells hot drinks, cold drinks, ice creams, snack, and a selection of hot and cold food. Tables and chairs under the station veranda provide sheltered seating while you wait for the train to arrive.

Fully accessible toilets are available including baby-change facilities. The train is also accessible by ramp, and our volunteers will be happy to assist.

The train will arrive with a hiss of steam and pull to a stop. Watch the signals drop and turn as the engine crew complete the run-around of the locomotive to the head of the next departing train. The platform staff will open the train gates and invite you to board a carriage of your choosing. The Guard will walk down the train with the tail lamp and complete the brake test using hand signals before the train departs. Before you board, you may want to inspect the steam engine while it sits at the platform, the engine crew will be more than happy to answer any questions.

While the train is away you can also ride on the motorised or hand-powered Jiggers - these little rail carts were used by track maintenance crews back in the day and great fun for all ages! Read more... 

Your journey


After settling into the lovingly restored wood-paneled carriages or one of the open-air carriages, you'll hear the Guard's whistle blow and the hiss and roar as the steam engine hauls the train out of the station. The Guard will make their way through the carriages to clip your tickets and answer any questions you may have. As the train drops down the hill from Glenbrook, you will see lush farmland before descending through a tree-lined cutting towards Morley Road. Passing over the level crossing, you'll see the small Morley Road station building. At the bottom of the hill you'll see our Water Tank and Windmill which sources water from the Waitangi Stream to fill our steam engine tanks.


The train climbs steadily from here and rounds two gentle curves before arriving at the Pukeoware Workshops. Passing through slowly, you'll get a glimpse of some of our vintage wagons and carriages. The beat of the steam engine will change as it attacks the steep 1-in-42 Goddard Grade which ends when the train passes under the Shakespeare Road bridge. The train cruises through more farmland, and crosses Cornwall Road to begin the descent into Waiuku. You'll pass under three more bridges including the historic Brights Road arch bridge, and watch as the train rounds the sweeping curves dropping into Waiuku. Finally, you will arrive at the Victoria Ave station perched above Lion's Lake in Waiuku.

On the return journey to Glenbrook the train will stop for a special photo opportunity where you are free to alight the train and experience the thrill of a steam train roaring past you! The return journey time is approximately 70 minutes.

Arriving in historic Waiuku

The train will pull into the Victoria Ave station terminus for Waiuku. The platform is short here, so please follow the Guard's instructions and alight from only the front carriages.
The engine crew will once again run the locomotive around the train, which provides several photo opportunities.

A great option is to alight here to explore Waiuku, and catch a later train back to Glenbrook.
Check out the Waiuku Town website for places to eat, shop, and experience:
Note that the last train departing Victoria Avenue for Glenbrook is at 3:00pm.



Our steam train departs our Glenbrook terminus at 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm on selected dates. Please check our operating calendar. Your return journey takes 70 minutes.

You are free to choose your seats onboard our immaculately restored red carriages.


Onboard Information

Toilets - there are no toilets available onboard our trains, or at Victoria Avenue Station. Please use the toilets at Glenbrook Station.
Seating - seating is not allocated, and you are free to move between carriages, please supervise children closely when crossing between carriages.
Luggage - any items that cannot fit in the luggage racks or in front of you (including bikes) should be stowed in the Guard's van for safety reasons, please talk to our train staff.
Wheelchairs - wheelchairs can be accommodated on selected carriages on our trains, please talk to our train or station staff for assistance. 
Pushchairs - pushchairs may not be able to be conveyed on all trains due to space and safety reasons though may be able to be stored at Glenbrook Station, please talk to our train or station staff for assistance.
Children - please supervise your children at all times, do not allow them to stand on seats or lean out of windows and carefully supervise them while crossing between carriages, please also ensure that both catches are engaged when opening windows.

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