Fares & Timetable

Standard Fares

Standard GVR train fares apply - and must be pre-booked online during Traffic Light Red. Please note that Day Passes are not available during Traffic Light Red, and that the Hand and Motor Trolleys/Jiggers are not operating.

Under 2 years Children (2-14 years) Adult Family (2 Adults, 4 Children)
Steam Train Experience - Return Trip
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Free $12 $25 $65
Steam Train Experience - Day Pass
Must be purchased at the Ticket Office
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Free $18 $37 $97
First Class Experience - Return Trip
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Requires child fare $30 $50 Requires individual fares
Hand jigger ride
Requires individual fares
Motor jigger ride
Free $2 $5 Requires individual fares

Unfortunately the rising cost of coal, other consumables, and general increases in costs we have experienced over the past 7+ years have reached the point where we can no longer absorb them. We have therefore had to make the tough decision to increase our fares to take account of these increased costs. Our volunteers and staff thank our visitors for their continued support of our railway through these uncertain times.

Special Events

Standard Fares may not apply on Special Event days. Complimentary tickets may be able to be used on Special Event days - conditions apply.
See the event details for fares on these days.


Standard Timetable (Steam Train and First Class Experiences)

Note that this timetable does not apply for some special events - see the event details.
Our Steam Train and First Class Experiences only operate on selected dates. Please check our operating calendar.

Note: the special session-based timetable below will operate for the 2021/22 season to accommodate the requirement of the Traffic Light System.

Session times are 2 hours long and must be pre-booked on our website during Traffic Light Red. Bookings are open until the start of the session.

During Traffic Light Red, we ask that you do not arrive before the start of your session time, there is ample time between the start of your session and the departure of your train. We also ask that you please vacate the main station area by the end of your session time.

Session Time
10:00am to 12:00pm
12:00pm to 2:00pm
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Train Departs Glenbrook 10:30am 12:30pm 2:30pm
Victoria Avenue (Waiuku)*
10:50am - 11:00am
12:50pm - 1:00pm
2:50pm - 3:00pm
Pukeoware Workshops visit 11:10am - 11:25am 1:10pm - 1:25pm 3:10pm - 3:25pm
Train Arrives Glenbrook 11:35am 1:35pm 3:35pm

*Please note that during Traffic Light Red - due to capacity restrictions, you may alight at Victoria Ave (Waiuku) for a leg stretch but must return on the same train. We encourage you to visit Waiuku Town after your train ride, please see the Waiuku Town website for information on other attractions, activities, and amenities in the area.

When visiting our Railway, allow plenty of time to enjoy the old-time atmosphere and the options available, from the steam train rides and the opportunity to visit historic Waiuku, to riding the hand jigger at Glenbrook Station, taking an exhilarating trip on the motor trolley, or picnicking in the shaded picnic area complete with children's play zone. Refreshments and souvenirs are available at Glenbrook.

Park your car in the free car park and pass through the gate to the Glenbrook Station precinct and take in the atmosphere of an elegant age recreated by the heritage station buildings with vintage luggage and period posters, signal box, railway house, semaphore signals and other "steam age" infrastructure.


Exclusive Carriage Hire

You can hire an entire carriage attached to our Steam Train Experience just for your group, party, or function! Your carriage seats about 40 people and you can ride in it all day.
Exclusive Carriage Hire starts from $650 for a Standard Carriage, with our First Class Lounge/Observation Carriage and First Class Dining Carriage also available for hire.

This special option is subject to availability. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Group Discounts

Group discounts are available for parties with 15 or more fare paying passengers, when payment is in one lump sum.
For 15 to 24 fare paying passengers - 10%
For 25 or more fare paying passengers - 15%

Please enquire at the Glenbrook Ticket Office.



Jigger rides are very popular attractions for visitors to the GVR, and our railway is one of very few places where one can experience these unique machines. There is a choice of two types as listed below. They operate from Glenbrook Station once the steam train has departed. Tickets can be purchased from our Ticket Office on the day.

Motor Jigger

These vehicles (also known as motor trolleys) were designed and built by New Zealand Railways (NZR) for track workers, bridge maintainers, signals staff and other staff who used them to travel to the work site with their tools to inspect and maintain the railway infrastructure where there was no road access. GVR now offers visitors to the railway a chance to experience this wonderful item of railway heritage by taking an exhilarating 4km round trip to Morley Road level crossing and return. These trips take place when the steam train has departed from Glenbrook Station. Suitable for all ages.

Hand Jigger

This historic machine dates from the early 1900s, and was a forerunner of the motor jigger. Again, this jigger has been lovingly restored to operating condition for the public to enjoy. Passengers who ride on it also enjoy an interactive experience (you have to provide the power!). The hand jigger is operated within the Glenbrook Station complex once the steam train has departed. Age or height restrictions for children may apply.

Note: Jiggers may not operate due to adverse weather conditions, volunteer non-availability, or during Special Events.