Our Team

Our Passionate Team...

Over 80 passionate people, of all ages, and from all different background volunteer at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway. This includes train operating crew, special event helpers, cafe and giftshop crew and the workshop and track volunteers. These volunteers are given the opportunity at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway to volunteer alongside people with similar interests, working on and around beautifully restored locomotives and carriages and to pass on and learn valuable skills, knowledge, and history.

A core group of four paid staff support and coordinate these volunteers, working beside them and taking care of the more specialised and arduous tasks associated with running a full sized heritage railway in a modern regulatory environment. These four staff all started as volunteers at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway and bring both their passion for the railway and specialised trade, rail industry, and engineering skills and experience. The recent expansion of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway's operations including the launch of rail tours on the national rail network and the growth of events such as the popular Counties Power - Christmas Lights: Trains at Night have been enabled by this investment in essential staff.

Join us!

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway relies on our diverse and committed team of volunteers to operate, restore, and maintain our railway.

If you're handy with a lathe, welding machine, or even just a paint brush - come join our Mechanical Workshop team who maintain and restore our locomotives, carriages, and wagons.

Prefer working outdoors? We have 7.5km of mainline track in the beautiful Franklin countryside, and we'd love for you to help us maintain it - join our Track Maintenance team.

Fancy being a station master, station attendant, signal box operator, guard, fireman or engine driver? Then join our Operations Team. We have training pathways and courses for you to learn the skills of the railway.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we'll put you in touch with one of our team leaders so you can start your railway journey!