Conditions of Booking and Travel - Trips and Tours

Dated: 29 September 2020

By completing and signing a booking form, making a booking through the GVR website at or telephoning GVR to request that a booking be made on the basis of details contained in the related trip or tour advice, brochure, web page or itineraries, intending passengers acknowledge and agree that when their booking is accepted by the Glenbrook Vintage Railway Charitable Trust Board ("GVR"), they, and all passengers included in their group covered by the booking are bound by the GVR's conditions of booking and travel as follows:
1)    GVR, and all owners, employees and operators of any aircraft, locomotives, carriages and ancillary vehicle, road coaches, ships or other equipment used on or in connection with this trip or tour accept no responsibility for injury, medical expenses, loss or damage howsoever caused and whether insured or not, to passengers or their belongings travelling on any part or all of this trip or tour, including consequential claims and expenses.
2)    GVR reserves the right to substitute the form and types of motive power that its Officers in their absolute discretion determine to be necessary, subject to availability, mechanical condition or other relevant factors and to vary schedules, including departure and arrival times and places, as may be required to meet operating requirements.
3)    GVR accepts no responsibility for any consequences of late running or varied schedules, including missed connections, however efforts will be made to keep passengers informed of any such changes or variations, the reasons for them, and steps being taken to meet passengers reasonable expectations.
4)    Each booking will only be accepted by GVR if:
a)    the per passenger deposit (stated on the booking form) on account of the full fare is made and the full fare balance is paid on or before the stated due date or;
b)    if the full fare for all booked passengers is paid contemporaneously with the booking.
5)    Refunds of fares paid, net of any payments made by GVR from those fares, requested and received by GVR up to and including fourteen clear days before the commencement of the trip or tour will be made without deduction other than a $30 administration charge per person booked. However no administration charge will apply where refunds arise as a consequence of the trip or tour being fully booked, cancelled prior to commencing, or postponed to a later date and the refund application is received within four days of the original trip or tour date.
6)    No refunds will be given in the event of breakdown en route or unavailability of the advertised means of conveyance.
7)    No refunds will be made if after departure, for whatever reason, passengers do not utilise the included trip or tour arrangements. Travel insurance may provide some degree of relief in limited cases.
8)    No refunds of fares paid or any other form on recompense will be given as a result of any person missing any aircraft, train, bus or ferry in connection with this trip or tour for whatever reason.
9)    No refunds will be given for cancellations unless the request is notified in writing to the GVR at least fourteen clear days before commencement of the trip or tour. Each such cancellation will be subject to the $30 administration charge per person booked.
10)    Passengers will be responsible for their own luggage and possessions at all times, including moving these items to and from road vehicles, coaches, trains, hotel rooms, boats and airports.
11)    Passengers with disabilities requiring nursing or special attention must arrange for a companion attendant to travel with them. GVR staff and other passengers must not and cannot be expected to undertake such responsibilities on a continuing basis.
12)    Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a passenger of at least 15 years of age.

Important information for travel on GVR Trips and Tours

Dated: 10 September 2020

Important information about your journey:
•    Smoking is prohibited anywhere onboard our trains, including on any viewing platform, this includes the use or charging of e-cigarettes.
•    Only Alcohol served to you by our onboard staff may be consumed onboard, and you must not take alcohol away from our train.
•    Please stand back from the platform edge when waiting for our train and wait for our staff to direct you to board.
•    Please take care and supervise children when crossing between carriages or standing on viewing platforms. Do not stand on the gangways between carriages.
•    In an emergency you can stop the train using the emergency stop lever at each end of the carriage. Do not activate the emergency stop lever in a tunnel.
•    Keep personal items clear of the aisle. Items up 7kg may be stowed in the overhead racks, bulky items can be stowed in our luggage compartment/van. You must not bring Dangerous Goods onboard our train.
•    Due to the heritage nature of our carriages there is limited accessibility for people travelling with Wheelchairs. Please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements.
•    Animals apart from seeing and hearing guide dogs may not travel onboard our trains.
•    Only the named passengers on your booking have been allocated seats. One child under 2 may sit on each adult’s knee. Children under 2 seated in the manner do not require a ticket.
•    If you need any assistance, including changing the direction of your seat, please talk to one of our staff.
•    The Glenbrook Vintage Railway reserves the right to refuse carriage of any person. Please obey all safety instructions and signs onboard our train.