Conditions of Booking and Attendance - Events and Experiences

Dated: 29 September 2020

1)    Online bookings for Events and Experiences are non-refundable.

2)    Transfer of online bookings from the original booked date of travel to a selected alternative date is subject to availability and is at the absolute discretion of GVR. Applications to transfer an online booking to another date must be emailed to [email protected]
3)    Online bookings cannot be transferred between different Events and Experiences.
4)    Online bookings made up to 30 June cannot be transferred to a date after 30 June.
5)    Online bookings for Experiences require validation before travel at the ticket office located on the Glenbrook Station platform at which time souvenir ticket(s) will be issued for travel on the train. Validation of your booking should be made at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
6)    Online bookings for Events require validation upon arrival the Event site, at which time souvenir ticket(s) will be issued.
7)    All passengers including children older than two years’ old must be in possession of a valid ticket. Tickets are valid for the day of issue only.
8)    All seats for Events and Experiences are un-reserved.
9)    No person shall attempt or do any act which may risk his/her own safety, the safety of any other person, or the safe operation of the Railway. Any request or direction by a representative of the GVR must be followed.
10)    GVR reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person without giving any reason for the refusal.
11)    GVR assumes no responsibility whatsoever to any person for loss, damage, or injury, to property, chattels, apparel or persons, however caused, including consequential claims and expenses.
12)    Timetables may be subject to change without notice.
13)    All children must be accompanied by an adult/ parent/care-giver, who are reminded of their obligations to adequately supervise and control those in their care.
14)    Smoking is prohibited on any rail vehicle or in any building, at any time.
15)    The vintage carriages have steps and narrow doorways limiting access for prams etc. Fold up strollers can be accommodated, but must not protrude into the aisles.
16)    Disabled passengers confined to a wheelchair may be accommodated in a suitable carriage normally available on the train and this carriage will be accessed by a ramp. Please ask station personnel for assistance on arrival. Only Glenbrook and Victoria Avenue (Waiuku) stations have high level platforms enabling wheelchair access to the train. If alighting at Victoria Avenue (Waiuku) station, please inform the train crew as this station does not have a full length platform. Disabled passengers with limited mobility requiring assistance in negotiating the steps into the carriage should ask the station personnel for assistance.
17)    GVR reserves the right to substitute the form and type of motive power if for any reason it deems this to be necessary.
18)    No person may deposit or discard any litter except in the receptacles provided for the purpose.
19)    Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied and supervised by someone of at least 15 years of age.